String Theory

by Collectible Humans

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Collectible Humans is Adam Selene & Joshua Coberly featuring cuts by DJ Addikt.


released April 2, 2012




Collectible Humans Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Pulling Wings

I have a feeling that I built myself these hands for a reason
besides the striking of matches to match up bridges with feelings
was told the fire inside of these eyes'd collide with the sky
burnt up the pride instead of fuel to find the engine had died

I tried to bye my way out of responsibility's clutch
depressed the broke and accelerated into never enough
to die within the rough or bottle it, one hell of a choice
the diary of a whisper neglects to mention the noise

so here I am, pressed against the glass awaiting the break
holding on to your breath and my fine collection of mistakes
I placed a name on every single last fist that we made
while you're grating the papers that left me trailing your wake

I cross my bones and hope to thread my damn eye with the needle
so I can justify reasons to coexist with you people
position that's fetal, plucking the pedals from my only vehicle
overdrive to salvation each time I spoke to the wheel

I feel a certain obligation to the rhythm, the rhyme, the reason
the conversational pieces conducive to dreaming
although I swear to jesus that it's the rawest of feelings
to fall directly from grace to brushing wingtips with demons


I'm the shackles that broke, when the smoke cleared,
2 taps of the wrist, fingers in...
Handcuffed to rust, trust clutched & disappeared,
'Cause the Prince of Cups was born on a cusp, thus...

Coldblooded, nature's punching bag,
A product of environmental distress signals acquired,
Iron-clad clattering, rattling teeth,
Muttering pungeant morse code idioms in abundance,

Transmission interrupted... abruptly submitted,
A victory's pleasant, perform gestures of clenched fists at the torn who witnessed it,
Witness this intermittant disengage,
Worn colors of disarray, fully loaded in form,

Killswitches engage, a ritualistic plague,
Practiced and advocated, an act of stalling mid-air,
Forshadowing that faceplant into habit with the de-veining of addicts,
Now blood runs thick and clogs the trafficking of prayers...

A care in this metaphysical world?
One of the many have-nots unfurled from this spellbound grounding,
Hellhounds found me, threatened then befriended with one pop from a rimshot, which sent them all howling....
Track Name: Devil Do F. DJ Addikt
(Joshua Coberly)

prototype dystopia, all for a lawful future
from quaalude-induced coffin, from lameness to deuteronomy
a breakthrough discovery, subliminally injected in the message
if you could just give us your money
consider this an omen, rounded to your closest phobia
no direction, a deleted directory of expulsion
opposing their protection would be ill advised
welcome to assimilation, hopefully your name'll be on the list this time

(Adam Selene)

unleash the volley of doll parts, weapons of mass distraction
obliterate middle class and market their carcasses back to them
arm the farce participants, subsidize matches for arsonists
while dow drone savages trickle down ash for the starved to sift
i passed the mission where accomplishment's rhetorical
and they're bored of any story that doesn't accompany a musical
taping their ruby slippers to collected third world melodies
as they watch the poverty line rise up over the levees


full speed ahead and starboard, avert the fallen
rolling back spinals with a smile spiraling, onward
cerebral-farming pharmaceuticals - our sleep has been computed
and scheduled, or else, the curfew's not to be meddled with
shocking shells, no fraternizing with the help
remember the thin atom lining of defenses can be self actuated
but deactivated on a whim
if proven unfit for such a provided privilege
skip to the pulse beat, life support junkies,
offline, jack in the mainframe, to hack curmudgeons,
bzz, buzzin', new age rush-sadistic, download conjugal visits of pain,
to a chip in the brain,
in dreams, unmask the cult, then eyes wide shut,
'cause why touch when we're not backed to talk,
shrapnel falling,
claim your own souvenir post-apocalyptic resolution for the new year,
world premiere, on every contact lens,
simply tilt your neck, & roll your eyes back in your head,
alright, pick a happenstance, any one will do,
innocent concepts preferred, but accepting all to pollute,
regroup, confused! humans march single file,
manufactured hearts at launch, now with compiled inner-child,
hidden smile provoked, seeking solace in smoke,
weeping willows broke from repeated beatings under rule of thumb....


this is that voodoo zombie uprising piercing the boarded windows
eclipsing the sun with a fury only visible through pinholes
so the perforation of security blankets
flings the only available safety net over the villain proclaimed criminals
stand indivisible, or let the sabers determine the ratios
cut the pacing short when the gun jumpers plug musket balls on some real talk,
batteries sold separately, plus shipping costs
phasers set on apathetic to true contents of the captain's log
just another wall for the bricks to aspire membership
unloading the mortar to pour cement to the wingtips then
vent poisonous rhetoric that no topical cream could remedy
cranial vacancy? prerequisite for inclusion in economy
they're vomiting into the echo chamber till the resulting
products match the possible flavor combinations of comfort's cadaver
baffling reflections with some king missile identity crisis
slipping a bite mark over whatever neck sticks out above the ice
over the frozen seas now made with real cheese substitutes
teaching the offspring subjugations priority over dreams
i crumble mountains over ovaltine while self identified
mountain men ovulate over footage of the lying kings
redefine the grindstone the plastic shape their faces against
pent up aggression lays lifeless on greener pastures beyond the fences
made to be climbed, these furious times are defined by the blurring of lines
so its become a crime to lack a proper mask to hide behind
Track Name: Rocket Surgery F. DJ Addikt
(Adam Selene)

It's obvious our perpetual departure from the meter
until these silly sybarites don a more taciturn demeanor and cease from flooding the aperture with their nimiety,
aiming to breed their way to effulgence without actually trying.
E for effort beat the bastard destined to irresponsibly birth
the children of invention failing to read the manual first.
Lachrymology savants are constantly clobbered by consonants while our bravura stands a paragon of dominance.
Topple counterfeits, display daedal deliveries
fatal abilities, sesquipedalian poetry.
Hold up your torches, light the throats of the aphonic.
Armed with dulcet vagaries boxing awkward through conflicts.
Since ebullience alone will never constitute conquest,
I swear to god as vulgar feats of my sedulous complex.
Inside the box prepackaged nonsensical adages
clog the ventricles of every last cathode addict.

It's only Hip Hop stupid, it's not rocket surgery

(Joshua Coberly)

Etymology expert, expect to elect dichotomy,
Binary star antithesis, separate constellations with colliding astrology.
Your nescient observation of us is sardonic at best.
Stretch lexicons with an antean flex.
Direct descendants of the dithyramb,
The cause of frottage in the jam.
While the fall of commerce is sponsored by your lethargic conscious's hedonically unremarkable stance to remain cathartically somnolent.
You see, our common sense is outside of your cognizance
and I won't honor it with an idiosyncrasy in confidence
by speaking in an idiom to an idiot,
regardless of how fulsomely inchoative.
Our target audience isn't that limited.
We're archaeologists, digging some nominal non-denominational gasconade to fustigate any illiterate emcee with an MKULTRA assault on repeat.

It's only Hip Hop stupid, it's not rocket surgery.

Track Name: To Eat a Human

Crackling bones barely stabilizing this rag doll between air gusts,
With earth's crust caked over face, I'm too selfishly cold to share the sun,
Preparing to jump in the wake of plush toys, feigning mistakes,
through some voice of awareness in their dead, mislead headspace,

Maybe to just negate the balanced weight tied to the scales,
We trade virtues into slavery for the gluttonous snake, knowing it's fate,
I tire -derailing high strung ticks of overcondensed rage,
Hate breeding age of aquarius, watch as your generation decays.

Show teeth, no more holding back, only blackness prevails,
Maximum bailout, last minute crash to gradual fail.
Big finish, hands out, tap dancing, marketing propaganda as creative expression when current events are too depressing,

Blowing a gasket, congested, with a track record of holding up traffic,
Pathetic smile, i'll torch your show of plastic,
Now the sky's raining fire, & with your below average level of motor skills,
Oh havoc, no chance of dodging, got you cockroaches on overkill


I sprawl across imaginary lines that I drew from past beliefs
while all attempts at killing time had barely bruised its effigies
remember me, the cracking of the sky, and rising of the streets
when curbside manners slide the sleeping deep beneath the driver's seat

tonight the blind will beat the blinder till their finer points are seen
all eyes will bleed in silence as doves cry the deaf and dumb to sleep
reap, sow, rinse, wash, repeat and set the phoenix on fast forward
toward ouroborus's endless clashing of of his tail and teeth

I feel we should unite based on the shade of blood we bleed
instead of breeding stereotypes from notions totally preconceived
fetus flytraps catch and feed upon the weakest of our dreams
and angels become fragile things when they wear skin instead of wings

I sing myself awake when daylight breaks the silence violently
hiding the design of divinity but an inch beyond this titan's reach
breaching the sternum's flimsy bulwark armed with little more than speech
to take that barely beating sleet soaked heart you claim makes you a human being


Plotting the rate of fall, skin-popping thumbtacks in place
of the over saturated map, compacted fly-dropping act to erase us all,
Dead man's pace of brawl, stampede-stomping operetta,
overacted synapsis gathered by trading straws,


while the pace of which the lambs are culled is tied to corporate gains
the ordinals replace the names , the flesh reduced to pavement stains
against the grain, the hatchet strikes to fell the wood with sonance paused
so when cacophony returns its pulse emits threnodic songs


Gone, the lesser of two evils, withered and decomposed,
leaving breeding to beatless souls as a testament to the people,
Congressionally cerebral, practicing acupuncture with rusted nails,
rush the sales & production, we're decorating the feeble...


with every needle adorned iris scanning the horizon with violence in mind
the flies that applied for clemency will systematically be declined
the skies are emptied in anticipation for the razing of the house of blue
when the personified obsidian wields your own memories to murder you
Track Name: Slippery Slope

Wanna trade slow motion low blows in between your feeding bin eating binge?
Even when your proving grounds are flattened by the fallacies you've weaved them in,
Frequently distorting the adored reality you paint inside your eyelids,
Ignoring the abnormalities,
Casually derailing science, compliant, casting shadows over assumptions, disrupting balance for shame of trying,
In a game of lying to pawns before you sacrifice them,
Self-proclaimed enlightenment, hide from the light for chance of blinding,

Kindness abandoned, no rekindling forgotten candles,
Answers overrated, questions get all the press debating,
Tread swiftly, attempt to stay afloat, with the weight of a hundred rebuttals banging at your throat,
Anger's been your scapegoat in human clothing, since eloping with that cash cow fizzled out on principle: without notice,
Any relation to real hope is coincidence, and not be taken in daily dosage for the thrill of it,

Detest stubbornly, future-proof ignorance-induced drudgery,
no sustenance, just food coloring,
Moods swallowing moons, lips disrupting orbits,
a slip of the tongue so punctual, it devolved, stuck at formless,
a cheap luxury, uncomfortably distorted with white noise,
& water boarded to finger point a benign voice,
Hoisted above high horses with torches burning the carriage,
transporting your sealed-lip courtship, pried from its dormant heritage...


with the way these dumpster divers stay littering the gene pool
we gnaw the hand that feeds us till it's thin enough to see through
you got a lot to prove to the ravenous rabble?
well you can be a rebel too, once you fit in your shackles
and with the backsliding built into your forward advance
thinking that wall of water fortifies that castle of sand
and if you got a lot to prove to that ravenous rabble?
then you can be a hero too, once you fit in your shackles


welcome ladies and gentleman to this divided state of bewilderment
where women and children are filtered and the truth hurts, but there's a pill for it
a million simmering amphibians floating atop of the bubbling cauldrons
and the olfactories of dromedaries manufacture beliefs by the thousands

where dorothy persistently cringes at every inch taken by butterflies
and the em city routine is dull but it's twice as green on the other side
they hesitate when they remember the day when a slip of the tongue had brought it against
the blades who guard escape from the bottom rungs of consciousness

I promise this, all plugs lead to the god machine
Where they saturate your future footsteps with vaseline
there's a fox behind the wheel swerving over the liberal medians
who lands his next meal casting pick up lines to jesus fish

the time has come, the angel said, to die for many things
for boards and nails and candle wax, for puppeteers and strings
For while the boiling seas still runneth over, melting waxen wings
should I regale you of motives of why the caged bee stings?

'cause it's a thin white line between the addict and his epitaph
when the last laughing bastard collapses when his stance is taxed
as every flash in the chests of of the innocent is traced by simple math
it's twice as offensive when the dot connectors overlook the basic facts

I mean it's not as if when the bottom half is slashed that gravity affects the summit
we all know what goes up must rise in quarters subsequent
but when the mortars hit the supposed martyr we'll bury him with his doctrine
he had a lot of nothing to say and in the end it was all forgotten


with the way these dumpster divers stay littering the gene pool
we gnaw the hand that feeds us till it's thin enough to see through
you got a lot to prove to the ravenous rabble?
well you can be a rebel too, once you fit in your shackles
and with the backsliding built into your forward advance
thinking that wall of water fortifies that castle of sand
and if you got a lot to prove to that ravenous rabble?
then you can be a hero too, once you fit in your shackles
Track Name: She Loves Me Not

all I wanted to do was just to touch the least sharpened edges of her grin
but when they say that chicks dig scars they meant they started with fresh skin
lesson learned and yet I beg to repeat the question ignoring the obvious answers
as now the tiniest of dancers trade point shoes for razors and tap out the damage

hand over fist, open palm kisses this arms race left sneaker prints on my wrists
tandem in nature, the flipping of switches that often would lead the to ripping of stitches
persistently shifting positions the dissonance gripping my chest has refused to desist
and I'm clumsily dropping my breath into clutches of angels no demon can swear to resist

how awful is this? I'm flailing my arms for translucent beings that I'm not sure exist
trailing the coat tails of shadows down alleyways, rabbit holes, rivers, and mountains of brick
my queen of hearts shrieks with a terrible temper, her shoulder blades pressing my throat when i speak
and the residue left on my fingertips serves as a painful reminder it wasn't a dream

redeemed by the beating of hearts as my chest collects bruises in twos through the worst of the drama
my violent design, defective at best wasn't born with enough wrists to slit in her honor
haunt me no longer cursed apparition as i exorcise my right to justify wrongs
while the subsequent plucking of petals has left me across two unbearable nails in the palms


she loves me not


I keep scampering to conclusions, personified, rallying treason to march,
Battling flu season, rash & dry-heaving behavior is nature just leaving her mark,
I can't shake her off, broken etch-a-sketch heart,
Conscious, making an effort to fake from the start,
'Til science is wronged, inviting a minor setback in the hope that some lines will be crossed,

Thoughtless reason, I'm caught in a maelstrom of balancing acts,
I through IV, highly claustrophobic alcoholic, who drinks in the dark & sulks,
Jump to scene 2: no intermission or breaks, car chase,
With a leap of faith, huffin' the fumes,
Possession of emptiness, cruisin', utilizing 9/10 of the law to its fullest,

'Til the engine consumes me, call it payback for the fuel I've discarded,
Along with a strongarm for harmful advancements since recently learning that I was lefthanded,
Goddamnit, I'm scratching my chest in attempts to arrest developmental progress of sewing my death,
Hemming the corners, can't stomach the seems,
Has me outgrowing notions of gust in my wings,

Touching debris as it shatters upon that gravity bong filled with hundreds of dreams,
Tunnel vision on leaves, once green - now decay,
Get sucked of their lifeforce then crumble away,
You're all just like me - no different or stronger, a goner whose head's too thick to guillotine,
Give us your weak, your sick & depressed,
We'll use 'em to feed the rich & the rest...


she loves me not
Track Name: Blood Plus Grass F. DJ Addikt

tonight the untimely demise by ingestion of the less important
is brought to you by horizon's impressive collection of dorsal fins
and arachnid parlors built to serve any flight weary wanderers
with attractive options on the wine list to wash down their carcasses
it's cute the way the little meat made targets bounce from brush to brush
and plus their fussy attitudes proves they must've forgot they're stupid fucks
survival of the hungriest, accolades for he who bites last
where the walking dead stagger to a sprint just to trash your game plans


Carve disdain, gnaw it, then floss with Darwin's Chain,
Watch outsiders catch a contact high, huffing the falling flames,
Riding bullets through Ender's Game, grinding municipal munitions,
Swallowing flying bayonets as fuel for the carpool lane,
Hydroplaning the soaking wet to a drip dry now,
a roadblock of marionettes draping skin, worn inside out,
Dive mouth first, digestion without loss of momentum,
Slingshot from off the rations that missed this cannibal's lips.


my mandibles drip definitive answers to the last of a long line of stupid questions
as I arm myself with weapons built from common household imperfections
don't fret, precious, I'll be standing by your side, wrapping my teeth around your neck
this is necessary
there's no mystery to violence
so I plow scorched earth until all taproots are silenced
it's a simple supply and demand exercise
the wall demands hydration… by the plasma which you supply


The hunter gatherer, tracking a scent of flesh, while the tribe awaits patiently, anticipating what death begets,
Chest compressed, pores leaking pheromones, with a headdress of bone, sipping life from the bloodletting stone,
Territory marked, a mating call for all loyal to the skull,
Coat your throat with the boiling broth,
And maul the non-believers, bottom feeders who stick to substitutes,
Regurgitate truth and leave no living proof.


no minuscule string section justifies the emasculation of predation
I sought the food for thought and was facing emaciation
and placing a chain on the wrist of the projected risen fist
doubles the sum of insult and injury no matter the way you measure it
submit to the rolling thunder or strike back with all you can muster
for the eviscerated remains of nay sayers are destined to clutter dumpsters
we play the game of fisticuffs, while the human chum bucket types drag knuckles
through the mud and have the audacity to question hunger


Appetite - starving, a diet of stomach lining, tooth & nail clawing my insides to recyclables,
Siphoning vital signs, parasite thriving off of a faint trace of a prior night's lopsided dog fight,
hogtied, a pool of cash on who snaps first, relax,
I'm betting a 3-card molly, hacksaw beauty, disappearing act,
Instinctive leeches feedback attacks for a gross of the meal,
Transcendence, choking on a spoke in the wheel....


This is necessary...


unleash the hive mouthed canines that puncture prior to sinking teeth
feeding reapers yielding bleeding wound baptisms wading knee deep
in the dead, deader, and dumb enough to warrant neglect
the lion's mainline flattened with kindred apathy to the insect


Fashionably segregated from the pack for acts of macabre,
Ambush migration, reincarnation decay damaging crops,
Alpha class jog to a strut, then fade within the change of winds,
An undetected menace until the plain begins feeling safe again,


I'm on the graveyard shift with a couple of bones to pick with management
dealt the dead man's hand branded by the distribution of detriments
charging the off white mustang through the garrison for amusement
and yet the beatings will continue until the morale shows improvement


Extinction is looming, metal condors with a hawk's eye view of the landscape,
where beauty is man-made in this movement,
Choosing birds of prey to vanish with all the rodents to scavenge,
From interdependent talons to ecologically balance-challenged,


the ritualistic disemboweling of the reckless who partake in action
will be televised indefinitely in revolution's absence


Shift to a disadvantage, smoke signaling your palate to ashes
into a stagger to quickly forget you're famished


god damage, dismantling mammals in pairs for the axiom


Breaching the panther's labyrinth with no prayer for a champion


maximum carnage, harnessing alarm to direct the stampede


Heart skip pulses convulsing on plan B


but in a perfect world, where every potentially offending edge is rounded up to the ninth nearest cloud,
the bleach skinned ungulates are meticulously funneled through heaven shaped porcelain corridors
into the creamiest little slice of perfect you could imagine four absolutely essential walls could make
where every man, male, and boy is the same optimal shape and color of beautiful and unique snowflake
perfectly packaged cellophane replicants, translucent and superfluous, fitter, happier, and more productive
shining archetypes of the advances in the science of genetic engineering that eventually rendered eugenics unnecessary
perfection personified, a landscape frictionless and devoid of any unnecessary passions for the sake of practicality

in short…

it's perfect.


smiling has its benefit when you sacrifice your purpose
(it's perfect)


you'll find the gallows get their fill irrespective of the verdict
(it's perfect)


the all seeing eye banks most of its currency on worship
(it's perfect)


and freedom's only free once you produce your proof of purchase
(it's perfect)